When I began working with clay I realized that I had the passion and natural talent for clay. This medium awakens all my senses as an artist by allowing me to stretch my imagination, piquing my curiosity and working with my hands. Working with clay will be a lifelong learning experience that I enjoy looking  forward to each day as I enter my studio. My sculpture works are usually of everyday objects one wouldn’t think of being done in clay. From a vision in my head to the actual completed work leaves me wondering how it came about although I know many hours were involved.

Many of my works are one of a kind pieces that I design. When I throw on the wheel I don’t have a preconceived notion of how the piece is going to turn out.  There seems to be a mutual understanding and respect that both the clay and I have when we work together.  After all, the clay wants to be able to show what it can do and it’s my job to give it that opportunity.